Specialized Legal Services Catered to Your Unique Needs: Tailored Representation for Diverse Healthcare Sectors

Diverse Business Services

Our representation is focused on the following categories of companies, for whom we provide the types of service listed for each. If you have any questions about the scope of our services, please let us know.


Coding/Billing guidance, representation in CMS/Medicare/Medicaid audits, investigations and appeals, general healthcare business issues, contracts, policies

Mobile integrated Healthcare (“MIH”)

Model design, reimbursement/revenue generation, protocol/policy reviews, contracts

Non-Emergency Medical Transport (“NEMT”)

Medicaid compliance, system support, representation in audits and investigations


Revenue analysis (specifically for the origination side of telehealth), contracts, policies, protocols reviews

Billing Companies

Contracts, coding assessments, client documentation reviews, payer disputes, audits, investigations, development/review of compliance programs and policies

Software Companies

Platform reviews including HIPAA compliance, imbedded forms, automated processes, defaults, and general compliance requirements